Software to Recover Deleted Files by Antivirus

Computer hard drive is used to store data in the form of files or folders. Data stored on computer hard drive is assets for every computer users. Hard drive is considered safe and secure for storing files or folders. Sometimes, while accessing data from hard you come across a situation, when one of your important file is missing from drive. However, there might me many reason behind the deletion of files from hard drive. But, there is a File Recovery Software by making use of which you can recover those deleted files easily.

Antivirus deletion is a most common cause which deletes folders infected due to virus or other malicious software. Suppose you are using internet on your system then there is high risk that any virus can infect your files or folders residing on hard drive. Once the virus has attacked to a folder then there is high risk that that infected folder may get deleted by antivirus. Such type of data deletion may be a great headache for you if some very crucial files or folders get deleted in this event. Fortunately, here is recovery software which is appreciated by industry experts to make use in such circumstances. Permanently deleted file recovery can be performed by using File Recovery Software.

Another reason where files are get deleted from hard drive is accidental deletion. Suppose you want to free hard drive space by deleting junk folders, during the process you might mistakenly choose wrong folder leading to deletion of entire data. In this way you end up losing precious data from hard drive, which might be the great tragedy. Now, you must be thinking about how to recover accidentally deleted data from your system, and then quickly employ File Recovery Software. It has capability to recover accidentally deleted files by antivirus with ease. In some cases, you might see that some of the high intensity virus delete some crucial system file that require at the time of booting up of system. As a result, your system will become unbootable and it lead to severe risk to your data. You can use this software to recover files from unbootable pc.

One more reason where your files may get deleted by antivirus is when you connect your USB drive to your system then antivirus scanning of flash drive is done by antivirus installed on your system. If any files or folders which are under the supervision of any kind of malicious software are get deleted. If any very crucial files have been deleted in this event then you may land in a terrific situation, especially in the lack of proper backup of data stored on it. To come out of such kind of issue you should make use of File Recovery Software which is capable to recover files from deleted partition.

This tool has ability to recover files deleted from SATA, PATA & SCSI hard drives, memory cards, and various brands of external hard drives. It can recover lost files from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, and FAT32 formatted partitions with just few clicks of mouse. Apart from this it can also recover file lost due to system crash or hard drive corruption due to sudden power off. With the help of this you can restore deleted files on various versions of Windows such as XP,Vista, Windows 7. One can easily recover files from formatted pen drive without any complexity.

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Steps to Recover Deleted Files by Antivirus

Step 1: Download and install File Recovery Software. Launching the software will open its Main Window, as shown in Figure 1. From the Main Window, select the "Recover Files" option.

Deleted File Recovery Software - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: From the next window choose "Recover Deleted Files” option to proceed for deleted file recovery from the drive / partitions as shown in the Figure 2.

Recover Files Deleted by Antivirus - Select File Recovery Option

Figure 2: Select File Recovery Option

Step 3: After scanning of the drive is done the files are listed as shown in Figure 3.

Recover Data Deleted by Antivirus - View Retrieved Files

Figure 3: View Retrieved Files

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