Tool to Recover Lost/Deleted Files from External Hard Drive

External hard drives are often prone to corruption or damage due to various unexpected reasons. This can cause huge loss of your important files stored on it. To overcome from the loss situation and to salvage your critical data, it is always recommended to use file recovery software that can restore deleted files on Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. When you accidentally delete some files on your external hard drive using “Shift + Delete” key combination, they bypass the recycle bin. In such cases, you should use this recovery software to recover accidentally deleted files on SATA/SCSI/IDE external hard drives. The software can perform recovery process on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 drives/volumes. It can also be used to recover files after system restore that are lost when you don’t take the backup of files before restoring system to previous state.

Files on external hard drive can be lost or deleted due to many factors, of which some are mentioned here:

  • Accidental deletion of partition: While connected to the computer, if you accidental delete a partition on your external hard drive, it results in huge loss of your valuable data. Hence, you should utilize this software to recover files from deleted partition.
  • Virus infection: While storing data on external hard drive, it may get affected by virus infected files and get corrupted leading to data becoming inaccessible.
  • Formatting: If you format Seagate external hard drive either accidentally or intentionally, files present on it will be lost which can be restored using this recovery software. In such cases you can recover deleted files from Seagate hard drive using File Recovery Software. It can also retrieve deleted files from usb drive with ease .
  • Improper shut down: If system is shut down improperly when external hard drive is connected to it, it can cause file corruption leading to data loss.

Hence, you should always be careful while formatting/deleting a partition or deleting some files from external hard drive. Else, you should use this file recovery software for the recovery of lost or deleted files from external drive. To perform external hard drive recovery, simply follow the steps as mentioned below:


Step A: Run the software and select “Recover Files” from the main screen, as shown in Fig A.


File Recovery from External Hard Drive - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen


Step B: Select either “Recover Lost Files” or “Recover Deleted Files” from the next screen. A new screen appears, as shown in Fig B, displaying the detected drives on your computer. Select your external hard drive and click “Next”.

File Recovery from External Hard Drive - Select External Hard Drive

Fig B: Select External Hard Drive


Step C: Select file types to recover and click “Next”, as shown in Fig C.


File Recovery from External Hard Drive - Select File Types to recover

Fig C: Select File Types to Recover


Step D: Once the scanning process gets completed, software displays list of recovered files, as displayed in Fig D. You can use either “File Type view” or “Data view” option to view the list.


File Recovery from External Hard Drive - Recovered Files List

Fig D:File Type view/Data view


Step E: Use “Preview” option to preview a recovered file, and if delighted with the result, purchase the full version of the software and save the recovered files on the desired location.

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