How to Recover Deleted Files from External USB Drive ?

External USB drives, also known as flash drives or Key-chain drives is a plug-and-play portable storage device which very light in weight. USB drive includes flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus interface. These drives are removable, re-writable and can be used in place of floppy disk, Zip-drive disk and CD’s/DVD’s. USB drives are manufactured by many manufacturers, major of which are- Algo, HP, Sony, Kingston, Seagate, and Transcend etc.

An USB drive gives you a convenient option for transferring data between different computer systems and notebooks. With a USB drive, data can be stored and retained after a long period when the drive is unplugged from the computer. Many times USB drives may also fulfill personnel back-up needs.


File loss is a common problem these days, there are several reasons which are responsible for data loss in our external USB drives like-

• Accidental deletion of data from USB drive

• Accidental deletion of data using Shift+delete keys or from command prompt

• Corruption of files/folders or even whole USB drive

• Files deleted due to accidental format

• Data may also get deleted if USB is not removed properly

• Virus attack

• Files deleted from FAT/NTFS partitions

Losing important files is very dangerous and is not affordable, but if you have lost files from your USB drive, you need file external USB drive recovery tool. When you delete a file, it actually doesn’t delete. Only the pointer to the file location gets erased and Operating System marks the space available for storing new data.



Industry experts and various groups of professionals recommend software as world’s best file recovery software. It is awards winning, most trusted computer utility that is capable of recovering files from USB drives. It comes with strong built in search algorithm which efficiently scans USB drive to recover lost files. The software can also restore files deleted using shift+delete keys. This tool can also recover accidentally deleted folders. Trial version of the software facilitates to perform external hard drive recovery and preview the files, with which user can check recoverable files and upon satisfying with the results, user can purchase the tool and store the recovered files to desired destination.


Simple steps to recover files from external USB drives:-.


Step 1: Connect the external USB drive and open the software by clicking on desktop shortcut or from program files list. Welcome window comes as shown in figure 1. Click on "Recover files".


Recover Deleted Files from External USB Drive - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Main Window


Step 2: If you want to recover deleted files click on "Recover deleted files" and if you want to recover lost files then click on "Recover lost files". Upon selecting deleted or lost files, Software will prompt you to select the drive as shown in figure 2. Now, select the external storage drive from which you want to recover and click "Next" button.


Recover Deleted Files from External USB Drive - Select External USB Drive

Figure 2: Select External Drive


Step 3: You can use additional search option, to recover deleted files from external USB drive based on their unique signature by selecting the file format, as shown in figure 3. Click on "Next" button.


Recover Deleted Files from External USB Drive - Add File Type

Figure 3: Select File Type


Step 4: Now, the software start scanning the external USB drive for deleted files, and display the recovered files. The recovered files can be viewed using "Data View\File Type View" option as shown in figure 4.


File Recovery Software for External USB Drive - View Recovered Data

Figure 4:View Recovered Files


Step 5: Select the file and click on "Preview". If you are happy with the results, purchase the software and save the recovered files to the desired drive.


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