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How does Undelete Software work?

Accidentally deleted data and then ended up emptying the Recycle Bin?

File Recovery software scans the hard drive thoroughly for the deleted file and performs recovery completely.

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How does Undelete software work?

As most of you are aware, files that are deleted from your PC, do not get erased permanently from your hard drive. This is because, when a file is deleted only the pointer to that particular file is deleted making it impossible to locate the file, while the data on the file is still intact at the same location that it existed before. Since the Operating system is unable to locate the file at the specified location, it marks this disk space as empty and reusable. This is another significant development that takes place once a file is deleted. This disk space could get overwritten, when new data is saved onto the hard drive, thereby causing permanent loss of data.


The Undelete software takes advantage of the fact that the data still exists on the hard drive, while the pointers have been deleted. When you search for a particular file that has been deleted, the Undelete software scans the hard drive for pointers that were deleted recently. It then uses these pointers to locate the exact location of the deleted file. Once it locates the deleted data, it just recovers the data using the information available. Once the file has been recovered completely, you can now access it like before.


Though the process of Undelete seems very easy, it becomes completely useless if the Undelete software is not downloaded and made use of quickly. It is also essential that the user makes use of a good Undelete software so that complete data recovery is possible. File Recovery Utility is an efficient file recovery tool capable of recovering deleted files, even after you have emptied the Recycle Bin. The easy to use and interactive user interface makes deleted file recovery an easy to perform task for the user.



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