Recover Lost Files

You might have come across the situation, where you had accidentally lost some of your files when you were transferring those from USB flash drive to your PC. When you come to know those files were important, you went to your Recycle Bin. However, there also those files were not present. In such situations, recover file software helps to perform lost file recovery.

The most common reason found where someone loses valuable files from USB flash drives is virus infection. When USB flash drives are connected to virus infected PCs, viruses and malwares make place in USB flash drive and infect some of important files. After finding viruses in USB flash drive if any user goes to clean the USB flash drive using a good antivirus, sometimes, antivirus removes infected files from USB flash drive and user is again in data loss. Here file recovery software helps to restore lost files from USB flash drive. Along with USB flash drives, file recovery software facilitates user to retrieve files from Seagate hard drive and other removable hard disk drive brands like Toshiba, Western Digital etc.

Some of the times user use move or cut command to move files from USB flash drive to PC or from one USB flash drive to the other. But, by mistake if user forgets to paste those files to destination, then chances are there that user is going to loose files. If this happens, again user has to go for lost file recovery software to get back own lost files. Here file recovery software helps to restore files deleted using DOS command.

Other most common reason of file loss occurs while transferring files from USB flash drives to PC or Vice versa. If in this case user removes the USB flash drive abruptly, then certainly user is going to loss data. If any interruption such as sudden power surge or sudden system shutdown takes place during this transfer process, then again user will loss the data. In order to restore such lost data, user should prefer lost file recovery software. This tool restores data also from hard drives and FireWire drives too. For an instance, even one can make use of this tool to restore lost files from CF card and to get back all files from corrupt or damaged memory cards with ease.

Fact is that, the files are not lost permanently. Lost files generally last in memory until those overwritten. In reality, what is lost is direct access or the pathway to the files. Lost file recovery software helps in such situations to find the lost files if direct access to files no longer exists. If somebody has lost files from USB flash drive or hard drive due to accidental deletion or deletion using Shift + Delete keys combination, then also file recovery software helps to get back those files. You can take advantage of this tool to undelete photographs and other media files by clicking on Even it helps to retrieve files from emptied Recycle Bin or Trash. Moreover, it supports recovery of various types of files inclduing Microsoft Office files, pictures, videos etc. To know more click here


Note: Get back any ofthe deleted or lost files from Mac Mavericks OS using this link:

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One has to follow the following steps in order to recover lost files

Step 1: Download and install the application on a drive different than the one from which data has been lost. Start the application either by clicking the desktop shortcut, or by selecting the icon from the programs list in the start menu. The Home Screen is displayed, as indicated in Figure 1. From the home screen, select the "Recover Files" option.

Lost File Recovery Software - Main Window

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: The next screen gives user an option to select between "Fast File Recovery" and "Advanced File Recovery". Select the "Fast File Recovery" option to proceed with recovering lost files from the drive / partition on which the operating system has been installed, and go to step 3 as shown in Figure 2.

Lost File Recovery Software - Select Recovery Mode

Figure 2: Choose Fast File Recovery Option

Step 3: After selecting the "Fast File Recovery" option, the tool starts the scanning process. The tool scans the logical drive on which the operating system is installed (usually the C: drive) and lists all the files and folders that it finds as shown in Figure 3. User can use the Data View or File Type View option to view the recovered data.

Lost File Recovery Software - Found Files Screen

Figure 3: View Recovered Files

Step 4: Once the files have been recovered, user can preview the recovered files and evaluate the recovery results by using the "Preview" option as indicated in Figure 4.

Lost File Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: You can make use of the "Save Recovery Session" to save the scanned files as shown in Figure 5. These saved scanned files can be loaded using the "Open Recovery Session" option once you activate the full version of the software. This helps to avoid rescanning the entire drive once the software is activated.

Lost File Recovery Software - Restore Screen

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session

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