Software to Recover Deleted/Lost Files from Memory Card

The problem of memory card corruption is faced by most number of users, as it is very much prone to corruption due to many unfortunate reasons. Most frequently, you delete some files from memory card when it is connected to the computer; such deleted files do not get stored in Recycle bin and you think that they are deleted permanently from your memory card. But it’s not the case, you can recover such deleted files and other lost files by using memory card recovery software. The software can be used for recovering files in maximum number of data loss scenarios, and supports recovery on various types of devices. Its scanning and recovery method is so efficient that it can be used to even recover data from formatted hard drive, FireWire drive, etc. Moreover, you can use this software to perform data recovery from external hard drive.

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Loss of data is very frequent in portable storage devices, as they are widely used in many multimedia devices. But this software can be used comfortably on such devices as it has the ability to retrieve lost or deleted files from these devices on Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. So, you can make use of this as file recovery tool for flash memory drive, various flash memory cards such as SD card, XD card, CF card and MMC that can be used in mobile phones, camcorders, digital cameras, etc. It provides you an option to compress the recovered files, before saving it on your computer hard drive and CD/DVD, to save the disk space. So, you can say, without any hesitation, that this file recovery software is more reliable, robust, efficient and user-friendly. This is very useful and smart software to restore deleted files from USB drive.


Not only on Windows, you can also use it as file recovery tool for Mac, as it can recover files even from formatted Mac volumes and in all the data loss scenarios for Mac systems. As discussed earlier, this recovery tool is useful in many file loss scenarios, some of them are mentioned here:


  • Emptied recycle bin: Sometimes you commit a common mistake of deleting files from recycle bin. At this point of time, you can use this powerful software to recover lost files from emptied recycle bin.

  • Corruption: Damage or any type of corruption in memory card leads to files becoming inaccessible and thus loss of data. This can be due to virus attack or improper shut down of computer to which it is connected.

  • Improper removal: Unplugging your memory card without using “Safe remove” wizard may sometimes cause loss of data and card becoming unreadable to the host operating system.

  • Memory card format: Such corruption in memory card sometimes forces you to format your memory card to make it accessible. Thus when you format it, data present on it may be lost.


So, it is always recommended by the recovery experts to use proper file recovery software in order to salvage your data in above said scenarios. This photo recovery app also retrives images deleted from your memory card. This application will allow you te retrieve all types of images from mobile and camera memory card. After downloading the software, just follow the below explained steps to recover deleted or lost files from memory card:


Step 1: Launch the software using its shortcut icon, main screen is displayed, as shown in Fig 1. Select “Recover Files” option.


File Recovery Software for Memory Card - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen


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Step 2: From the new screen, select “Recover Lost Files” or “Recover Deleted Files” as required by you. Next screen appears, as shown in Fig 2, select your corrupted memory card and click “Next”.


File Recovery Software for Memory Card - Detected logical drives

Fig 2: Select Memory Card


Step 3: From the list provided by the software, as highlighted in Fig 3, select the file formats for the files you want to recover, or use “Skip” option to skip this advanced scanning method and click “Next”. Now, scanning and recovery process is initialized.


File Recovery Software for Memory Card - Advanced Scanning Technique

Fig 3: Advanced scanning technique


Step 4: As soon as scanning process is accomplished, list of recovered files is list, which you can view by making use of either “File Type view” or “Data View” option, as shown in Fig 4


File Recovery Software for Memory Card - Recovered Data List

Fig 4: Recovered Files List


Step 5: Now, select the files to recover and click “Next” to save the data on your hard drive or CD/DVD.


Download File Recovery software   Buy File Recovery Software