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Microsoft Office is one of Microsoft's premier tool which basically incorporates most of the applications required in a regular office, just as the name suggests. Microsoft office bundle consists of various applications Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, Microsoft One Note and Microsoft Publisher. Among these, the most widely used are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook. Since the first three deal with documents in different formats, we will consider them in the discussion below.


As far as data backup and recovery is concerned, each one of them has its own backup and recovery mechanism. Microsoft Word makes use of an Auto Recover feature that takes an emergency backup of the word files that are open, when the file gets closed due to some errors. If this option has been selected by the user, it saves the latest changes made by the user in a temporary AutoRecover file. When Word opens the next time, it checks if there are any AutoRecover file that exist. If there is an AutoRecover file that exists, Word displays the file in the Document Recovery pane. You can search for these Auto Recover files manually by following the steps given below,


Step 1: Go to the Tools Menu and click on Options. Click on the File Locations tab and then double click on Auto Recover files. Note down the path that is displayed.


Step 2: Close Word and locate the Auto Recover file based on the path that you wrote down. Search for the files that end with the file extension .asd.


A temporary Word file looks like this- ~wrdxxxx.tmp. These files can be used to recover data from the deleted file to some extent.


In Microsoft Excel the Auto Save option has to be enabled manually, by selecting the option from the Tools Menu. Microsoft Excel saves the file every ten minutes, and stores the temporary files in the location given below,


C:\ Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp


In the case of Power Point, the Auto Save is enabled by default, and the time gap between two autosaves is again ten minutes. The temporary Power Point file looks like this- ~pptxxxx.tmp, and the temporary files are stored in the location given below,


C:\ Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp


Besides this, data present on the clipboard in any of these Office files they get stored into a temporary file which looks like this- ~wrlxxxx.tmp. Hence, even copied data that is lost can sometimes be recovered using this file. Though these backup files do exist, we might sometimes not be able to recover the data that we want, when the deleted file has been damaged severely, or when the Auto Save has not been enabled by the user. In such cases, it is ideal to make use of a file recovery software that can locate the deleted files, and recover them completely. File Recovery Program lets you recover all deleted Microsoft office files with ease from PCs running on Windows.



Download File Recovery software   Buy File Recovery Software

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