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Nowadays, people have so many devices to capture photos any time. You can take images of unforgettable moments of your life easily by using camera, mobiles, and camcorders. As the use of pictures is increasing gradually, some situation of photo deletion also arises with it. After deletion of some important images, you may get miserable very easily. But, today it is not a big deal to get those pictures back after deletion. To perform this recovery process in a easy way, you need an efficient photo recovery app. It can assist you to find all deleted images in different critical circumstances. Even if you lose any of your important images, you can freely utilize this File Recovery Software to obtain better result. There are several situations of deletion of pictures, which are happened very frequently are described here briefly.

In common cases, photos are deleted by the user himself unintentionally at the time of viewing. At the time of viewing images, user deletes unwanted photos to free up some memory space on the system or in camera. There are chances of deletion of all images from your camera by a single press of “Delete All” option. It is the most common mistake done by camera user. You may also delete vital photo on your system carelessly by using “Shift + Delete” key, as a result the deleted image will bypass the Recycle Bin. Then you may be hopeless by thinking it as irrecoverable. But, it is so simple to restore those deleted images completely by using some clicks of this utility.

Photos are lost from your system due to sudden power failure or improper shut down of the system. Due to these reasons, the file system of the hard drive may get corrupted and it leads to loss of all files in the drive. Excluding that, your images may also get deleted from your camera when you connect it to the system which has an updated anti-virus. If any photo on the camera CF card is virus infected it will be deleted automatically. But, you can utilize this program to find those lost pictures from camera CF card very easily. It can restore all types of images including RAW photo from camera.In an addition, it can also recover deleted files on Windows 7 after system restore with in few easy clicks.

Improper handling of storage devices is one more common reason of photo loss. Normally images are stored in the memory card of camera or mobiles after capturing. After that, we transfer them to computer hard drive for safe storing. If you eject the camera card from the system suddenly or any other interruption occurs at that time of transfer, photos will be lost easily. The file restoration tool is only solution to get back lost files from SD card. Deleted image goes beyond the manual recovery due to incomplete ‘Cut’ and ‘Paste’ operation on your system or due to emptying the Recycle Bin accidentally. Even if there is not enough space in the Bin folder, the deleted images will be restored only by using this advanced program. You can use this application for picture recovery on both Windows as well as Mac operating system. If you need any help to retrieve images on Windows XP, visit the link:

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Procedure to restore pictures in easy steps:

Step 1: At first download and launch the demo vetsion of this recovery application. Launch it, the Main Screen will be displayed, as shown in Fig A. From that window, select the option "Recover Photos".

Photo Recovery App - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: After that, you will get two options "Recover Deleted Photos" and "Recover Lost Photos" on the next window as shown in Fig B. Select the appropriate one to rescue images. In the next screen, you have to select appropriate dreive from where the picture has deleted and click on "Next" button.

Photo Recovery App - Select Deleted/Lost Photo Recovery Option

Fig B: Select Deleted/Lost Photo Recovery Option

Step 3: Following the drive selection, restoration process will start and after completion all recovered images will be shown. You may preview restored images before saving by using the "Preview" option as shown in Fig C.

Photo Recovery App - Preview Retrieved Images

Fig C: Preview Retrieved Images

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