Deleted File Recovery from Seagate Hard Drive

Files can get deleted from Seagate hard drive in many ways, of which most common ones are accidental deletion of files & hard drive format. To retrieve the deleted files, you should opt for this file recovery software that has received a number of accolades from various experts and organizations in the recovery industry. The software first performs scanning of each bit of your Seagate hard drive and then, with the help of its sophisticated algorithms, it recovers entire data that has been deleted or lost from the hard drive. The file recovery module of this award-winning software is specifically designed to restore deleted data on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows Server 2003 & 2008. The software not only recover files from hard drive, it can also be used to perform external hard disk recovery manufactured by Seagate and several other manufacturers including Western Digital, Hitachi, Maxtor, etc.


Now you may wonder that Seagate recovery software can recover files in a scenario in which you have lost files from your Seagate hard drive or not ? You need not worry about the recovery of files as this recovery tool has the capability to retrieve lost files & deleted files in most of the data loss scenarios. One of the main factor that leads to deletion of files is the accidental deletion. The accidental deletion of files refers to the situation, wherein, you unintentionally use “Shift+Delete” option to delete some of the files from your hard drive partition. After using this method of deletion, deleted files will not get stored in the recycle bin provided by Windows OS to for storing the deleted files temporarily.  If you have committed this mistake, you can use this recovery utility to recover accidentally deleted files using Shift+Del keys.


When your Seagate hard drive gets infected by severe virus attack, it may become corrupted and sometimes inaccessible. When you are not able to access the hard drive, you need to format the same in order to make it accessible. But, formatting process eventually leads to the deletion of entire data from it. You must make use of the file recovery software after formatting operation as it can comfortably recover files from formatted hard disk drive. Hard drive space is divided into logical parts called partitions for proper management of files and folders present on the hard drive. In order to change the size of different partitions, you may use any third-party utility and delete any partition to allocate its space to other partitions. When you delete a partition for this purpose, files stored on that partition will get deleted and you are left with the only option of using this file recovery tool that can recover files from missing partition and also the lost partition of a Seagate hard drive.


So, do not worry if you have lost important files from the hard drive as our file recovery software is there to recover deleted excel files from the Seagate hard drive. In addition to the recovery of deleted files, the software can also be used for lost data recovery from corrupted hard drive when some or all of the files become unreadable and sometimes may be lost on the hard drive. Mac edition of the software also helps to recover files from trash bin.


Download the file recovery software and carry out the steps explained here to recover lost data from NTFS partition on a Seagate hard disk drive:


Step 1: Select “Recover Files” option on the main software interface, as shown in Fig 1. Then, select any of the recovery options provided on the next screen.


Recover Deleted Files from Seagate Hard Drive - Click Recover Files option

Fig 1: Recover Files


Step 2: From the list of logical drives, select your Seagate hard drive partition from which files have to be recovered and click “Next”, as shown in Fig 2.

Recover Deleted Files from Seagate Hard Drive - Select Seagate Hard Drive

Fig 2: Select Seagate Hard Drive


Step 3: The software now displays a list of file formats, as shown in Fig 3, from which you need to select the ones you want to recover and click “Next”.


Recover Deleted Files from Seagate Hard Drive - Select File Signatures to recover

Fig 3: Select File Formats


Step 4: After the completion of scanning process, a list of recovered files can be viewed by using either “File Type view” or “Data view” option, as shown in Fig 4. Use “Preview” option to preview the recovered files before saving the files.


Recover Deleted Files from Seagate Hard Drive - View Retrieved Files List

Fig 4: List of Recovered Files



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