Recover Deleted Word File on Windows

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word processor application by Microsoft Office users around the world. Users make use of Microsoft Word for creating documents, letters or documents of any other format. The various in-built features like spell checker, dictionary, thesaurus etc, and the ability to easily copy and paste text has made Microsoft Word the most widely used word processor. There are different versions of Word that have been released over the years for different platforms like Mac and Windows.


Since Word documents are used so widely and frequently, there are frequent deletions of the Word file that take place. Users tend to delete Word documents very often, since the data that was present on the Word file can be re-entered at the user's comfort. This frequent deletion can sometimes result in accidental deletion of the Word file, and subsequent emptying of the Recycle Bin by the user. Word documents might also be deleted due to virus attacks, malware power outage etc. If the user later realizes that the data that was present on the deleted Word file was important, recovering the deleted data could become a tedious process. With the help of updated version of File Recovery Software you can also recover files deleted by antivirus with ease.


Microsoft Word has its own recovery and backup mechanism, which the user can make use of to prevent loss of Word documents. The user can setup Word to perform a backup task regularly, by selecting the Always create backup copy option from the Word options menu. This automatically saves a backup file with the file name document name. wbk. If the user does not have a backup copy of the Word document, then he will need to make use of a good Word file recovery software to recover the deleted Word file. This toolkit lets you to recover deleted Word files, even after the Recycle Bin has been emptied. This data recovery software also retrieve accidentally deleted rar files in a few simple mouse clicks on various versions of Windows.


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You can follow the steps given below to recover Word documents that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin


Step 1: Launch the application, either by clicking the desktop shortcut, or by selecting the application icon from the Programs list in the Start Menu. The Main window gets displayed, as shown in Figure 1. From the three options provided in the Main Window, select the "Recover Files" option as shown in Figure 1


Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window


Step 2: The new window provides two options namely "Fast File Recovery" and "Advanced File Recovery". The "Advanced File Recovery" option lets you select the drive / partition from which you want to recover the deleted Word file. Select the "Advanced File Recovery" option and proceed to step 3 as shown in Figure 2.


Select logical drive

Figure 2: Select Advanced File Recovery


Note: If you want to recover the deleted Word file from the drive / partition on which the operating system has been installed (usually the C: drive), select "Fast File Recovery" option and proceed to Step 5.

Step 3: Once you select the "Advanced File Recovery" option, the software displays the detected logical drives as shown in Figure 3. Select the logical drive from which you want to recover the deleted Word file and click on "Next"


Found files and folders

Figure 3: Select Logical Drive


Step 4: You have an additional option to search for files based on their unique signature. Select the doc or docx file type from the listed file types and click on "Next" to start the scanning process as shown in Figure 4. You may also choose to skip this step by clicking the "Skip" button


Find option

Figure 4: Select DOC, DOCX file type


Step 5: Once you click on "Next" the software scans the selected drive / partition for the deleted Word file. Once the scanning process is completed, the software displays the recovered Word files. You can make use of the Data View / File Type View options to view the recovered data as shown in Figure 5


Select Destination drive

Figure 5: View Recovered Word File


Step 6: You can make use of the "Save Recovery Session" option to save the scan information of a scan session. This is helpful when you purchase the full version of the software, as you do not have to rescan the entire drive. You can make use of the "Open Recovery Session" option to load the scan information and continue with the saving process


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