Recover files deleted using Shift+Delete keys

There are different ways in which one can delete a file from his PC. The basic and the most common method used for deleting a file is by using the Delete key. The advantage of using the Delete key, is that the deleted files get stored in the Recycle Bin. The user then has the option of recovering the file that he deleted, by opening the Recycle Bin, selecting the file that he wants to recover, and clicking the Restore button. The user can alternatively drag and drop the file from the Recycle Bin onto the location of his choice.


There are other methods by which the user can get rid of a file on his PC. One such method is by the use of Shift + Delete keys. When you perform deletion of a file in this way, the deleted file bypasses the Recycle Bin, and hence the deleted file cannot be found in the Recycle Bin. This method of deleting files is usually applied, when the user detects a malware or a potential threat like a Trojan virus in a particular file, and wants to get rid of the file permanently without having to take the risk of keeping the file in the Recycle Bin. Using this software, you can easily recover deleted files from Recycle Bin Windows 10 and even on all latest version of Windows OS with utmose ease.


Files deleted in this way cannot be restored easily, as they are not present in the Recycle Bin. But this does not mean that the deleted file is lost forever. It is only the pointers to the file that have been deleted, and not the data present on the file. Recovery is therefore very much possible provided you take some precautions and make use of a trustable and powerful Undelete software. Data Recovery software lets you recover deleted files of almost all well known file types, with utmost ease and least effort.

No matter how you have deleted files, this tool is skilled enough to perform deleted data recovery process at one go. It can restore various types of files like digital pictures, videos, documents like Microsoft office file recovery and many more. Moreover, this tool is widelt known as best tool to restore deleted files on all types of storage drives which can be accessed through a computer. In case if you want to know how to perform emptied reycle bin recovery action, you can use this toolkit effeciently.


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You can follow the steps given below to recover files that have been deleted using Shift and Delete keys,


Step 1: Double click the desktop shortcut, or select the icon from the Programs list in the Start Menu to launch the software. The Main window pops up, as shown in Figure 1. From the three options that are displayed, select the "Recover Files" option


File Recovery software - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Window


Step 2: A new window displaying two options namely "Advanced File Recovery" and "Fast File Recovery" pops up. To recover files deleted using Shift and Delete keys you need to make use of "Advanced File Recovery" option where you need to manually select the drive / partition from which the file has been deleted. Select the "Advanced File Recovery" option and proceed to step 3 as shown in Figure 2.


File Recovery software - Choose logical drive

Figure 2: Select Advanced File Recovery


Note: To recover files deleted using Shift and Del keys from the drive / partition on which the operating system has been installed (usually the C: drive), select the "Fast File Recovery" option and proceed to Step 5.

Step 3: On selecting the "Advanced File Recovery" option, the software displays all the detected logical drives as shown in Figure 3. Select the appropriate logical drive from which you want to recover files deleted using Shift+Del keys and click on "Next"


File Recovery software - Recovered files and folders

Figure 3: Select Logical Drive


Step 4: You can also perform an additional search for files based on their unique signature by selecting the right file type. Select the file type that you want to recover from the list of file types and click on "Next" to start the scanning process as shown in Figure 4. You may alternatively choose the "Skip" button to skip this step and continue with scanning


File Recovery software - Find option

Figure 4: Select File Type

Step 5: Once you click "Next", the software scans for the files deleted using Shift + Delete keys on the drive / partition that you selected. The recovered files are displayed once the software finishes the scanning process. You can use the Data View / File Type View options to view the recovered files as shown in Figure 5


File Recovery software - Select destination location

Figure 5: View Recovered Files


Step 6: The "Save Recovery Session" option lets you save the scan information. This helps you when you purchase the full version of the software, as you do not have to rescan the entire drive after activating the software. You can make use of the "Open Recovery Session" option in the full version to load the scan information and continue with the saving process

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