Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

SD card are also known as Secure Digital Card. SD card are used to store files, folders, your favorite photos, music files and videos. SD cards are available in various data storage capacities from 1GB to 32GB to store data. You can find various types of SD cards such as MiniSD cards, MicroSD cards, SDHC card, MiniSDHC cards, MicroSDHC cards etc. However, similar to hard drive SD cards are prone to data loss due to various reasons like accidental deletion files, deleting a drive or partition; accidental formatting of SD card, improper ejection, file system corruption, ejection of SD card while transferring files etc. Any of the above mentioned reasons may cause files in the SD card to become inaccessible resulting in data loss. In such case of data loss, just make use of File Recovery Software which also allows you to retrieve permanently deleted files from hard drive on both Windows and Mac based OS.


When you lose or delete a file or format your SD card, the files do not get deleted permanently from the storage device. Only the index of the file gets removed from the file directory. The Operating System marks this space as available for storing new files. But the deleted files are still present on the SD card. It is possible to restore deleted files from formatted SD card by using good SD card recovery software. Deleted files recovery from formatted SD card is possible until, unless the deleted / lost files get overwritten by new files. This tool for SD card recovery can also be used to recover lost files from CF card with ease. Take the precaution given below before recovering files.


  • Remove the SD card from the computer or compatible device and store it in a safe place until you retrieve files from it.
  • If you lost files from SD card makes sure you have stopped working on the SD card
  • Do not use any free data recovery software to recover file from the formatted SD card
  • Do not attempt to restart your computer as it may lead to permanent data loss.


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How to Recover Files from SD Card?

Follow the few easy steps to recover files from formatted SD card using File Recovery (Windows) software.


Step 1:Download and install the software, run the software by double clicking the shortcut icon present on the desktop or by selecting the icon by START MENU -> ALL PROGRAMS. The main window displays as shown in Image 1. Select “Recover Files” option from the main window as shown in Image 1


File Recovery Software - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window


Step 2: Select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” options from the window to recover lost files from formatted SD card as shown in Image 2.


Select Recover lost files - Screen

Figure 2: Select Recover Deleted / Lost files Option


Step 3:Once you select the option a new window displays the detected logical and physical drives as shown in Image 3. Select the logical drive from which you need to restore deleted files as shown in Image 3 and click “NEXT


Found files and folders - Screen

Figure 3: Select Logical Drive


Step 4:Once you click on “NEXT” the software starts scanning the drive to recover files from your formatted SD card. Once the scanning is completed you can view recovered data using “Data View” or “File Type View” options as shown in Image 4


Find option - Screen

Figure 4:View Recovered Files


Step 5: You can save your scanned data by using “Save Recovery Session” option. Later when you purchase the full version of the software use the “Open Recovery session” option to re-load the scanned data and save it in your preferred location as shown in Image 5.


Select destination drive - Screen

Figure 5: Save / Open Recovery Session


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