How to Retrieve Files from USB Drive ?

We use a USB drive or external drive for transferring the data from one system to another. So it becomes very easy to transfer the data. But if somehow files are deleted or lost, then it becomes difficult to retrieve the data back. However, these devices are more prone to data loss and one may end up losing data from these storage devices. if you ever lost files from USB drive, no need to panic as you can recover files from USB drive by using file recovery software with ease. However, we should make ourselves familiar with different situations where we may end up losing our files from USB. Files could be deleted from USB drive due to following reasons:


• We may accidentally or hastily delete files from USB drives.
• We may lose files while transferring them from USB flash drive to another device due to unknown reasons.
• During shutting down of the computer we forgot to unplug the device..
• The most common situation when device intrudes by virus or malware.
• Sudden system shuts down due to power surge.
• Unplugging the device during data transfer.
• Formatting of USB flash drive without copying of files.

In spite of the reasons, if you end up with deletion or loss of files, you can recover them by using files recovery tool. Why files are recoverable still after deletion?? Very simple, when a file is deleted, only pointer to the data is erased and the space becomes available, but files are still present in the stored location unless it is not overwritten. Overwriting a file several times may lead to complete loss of data so we recommend you to not perform any write operation. This tool easily recover files deleted by antivirus without any level of complexity.

File recovery software will retrieve the deleted data back whether it is deleted on windows or Mac storage drives only on one condition when you found your files deleted or lost stop using the device and run the trial version to recover the files. This software can also retrieve files from ipod, hard drive, USB flash drive, external and portable hard drive, memory card sand Firewire drives. Using this software, you can also recover deleted files Seagate hard disk with ease..

This software scans the USb drive sector by sector and finds the data that don’t have any pointer, it is the deleted data and shows it in the recovered file list. By activating the trial version data can be saved from the recovered file list. This tool also can be used to recover files from cf card, in a few simple hits.


Step A: Connect the USB drive and run the software by clicking on desktop icon. Home page comes as shown in figure (a). Select "Recover files".


Retrieve files from USB Drive - Home Page

Figure (a): Home Page


Step B: You have to select the usb drive from the displayed drives and click on "Next" as shown in Figure (b).


Retrieve files from USB Drive - Select USB Drive

Figure (b): Select USB Drive


Step C: You can use recover deleted files from USB drive based on their unique signature by selecting the deleted file signature..


Retrieve files from USB Drive - Select File Signature

Figure (c): Select File Signature


Step D: The software starts scanning the USB drive for deleted files, and display the recovered files. The recovered files can be previewed using "Data View\File Type View" option.


Retrieve files from USB Drive - View Recovered Files

Figure (d):View Recovered Files


Step 5: If you are satisfied with the results, purchase the software and save the recovered files to the desired drive.


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