Get Back Uninitialized Hard Disk Data

Are you dealing with a data crisis after encountering your system hard drive uninitialized? Like other kind of data crisis, it is not so frequent among computer users so they might not be familiar with such data calamity. As there may be many important files saved on hard drive, it becomes essential for you to recover data from an uninitialized hard drive. For this, you can try with connecting the hard drive as external storage drive on another system. If the problem still perseveres, then do not be panicked, just refer an excellent file recovery tool. Using such tools, you can easily restore data from uninitialized hard disk.

Here you can find some basic reasons, which are responsible for causing a hard disk uninitialized:

Partition Table or MBR Corruption- Master Boot Record contains a partition table, which is used by operating system to access and hard disk partitions. If MBR is corrupted, information regarding partition entries on partition table, boot strap loader code and other component of MBR will be inaccessible hence it results in uninitialized hard disk drives.

Hard Drive Failure- Due to rough use of hard drive or after a long tenure of hard disk usage, there may be an occurrence of scratches on hard disk platters after that read/write header could be crashed and it results in hard disk failure. There may various logical and physical factors such as heat, moisture, manufacture faults, repeatedly system reboot etc, which result in hard disk aging, failure or crash.

Damaged File System Structure- File system structure is the most basic level of file organization used by operating system to for organizing and accessing files over a directory structure. Anyhow, if it is damaged or corrupted, OS could be failed to access files resided on hard drive partitions.

OS malfunction- User may find the OS failed to initialize hard disk because of its malfunctioning behavior. More clearly, if there is any system file is missing, it will prevent the operating system to detect and boot hard drive.

What is the best solution to recover data from an uninitialized hard drive?

When it comes about perfect data recovery from uninitialized hard drive, File Recovery Software stands first among several data recovery apps. An industry recommended tool that is designed with highly advanced drive scanning algorithms to make complete retrieval of lost files from uninitialized, unbootable, formatted, inaccessible and deleted hard drive partitions. A virus-free, read only software that performs data recovery in a safe and secure way. It can be utilized to recover data from SATA, ATA, PATA, IDE, SCSI hard disks. Powerful file recovery software, which entitles users to restore files from NTFS, FAT, ExFAT, HFSX, HFS+ hard disk partitions on respective machines that is, Windows and Mac. You can employ this tool to restore data from external USB drive, flash drives, memory cards, FireWire drives etc. If you have deleted files permanently, here is the best solution,

Note:  It is one of the reliable tools to recover files from any storage device by following few simple steps. You can easily recover files from pen drive without any issue. This software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating system.

Download File Recovery software

Steps to use the software

Step A: Install the software on a helthy computer and connect the hard drive. Launch the software using the desktop icon. A main screen will be opened, as shown in Fig A. From main screen select “Recover Files” option.


Recover Data from An Uninitialized Hard - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen


Step B: Software will list out all detected logical drives as shown in Fig B, select hard drive from whose files has to be recovered and click “Next”.


Recover Data from An Uninitialized Hard - Select Hard Drive

Fig B: Select Hard Drive


Step C: Once you click on next option, software will start scanning the hard drive to recover data. Upon completion of scanning, it displays a list of recovered files that can be viewed using “File Type view” or “Data view” option.


Recover Data from An Uninitialized Hard - List of Recovered Files

Fig C: List of Recovered Files


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