Recover Deleted files on Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the Operating System that was released by Microsoft, before the release of its latest Operating system, the Windows 7. Windows Vista was the next best operating system to come out after Windows XP. Windows Vista supports various new and advanced features that was absent in earlier versions of Windows, like better support for graphics, ability to find files and programs more quickly etc. This is made possible by the Windows Search option available on Windows Vista. You can also recover deleted file on Windows 7 after system restore.


At the file level too there are considerable differences that exist between Windows Vista and the earlier versions of Windows operating systems. They can be summarized as follows,


  • Windows Vista allows users to easily categorize their files by providing tags to each file.
  • Vista supports almost all well known audio file formats and Microsoft Office documents.  
  • Another considerable difference is with the copying of files between two locations. During transfer of files, the destination and the source path along with the transfer rate in MB is displayed by Windows Explorer. Errors during transfer of a file are skipped, and later displayed after the transfer process is complete.
  • If there are two files that exist with the same filename, the user has an option to rename the file during the copy process, as compared to older versions of Windows that required the user to replace the existing file with the new one.


Though there are differences with respect to the way in which files are organized, there is very little difference when it comes to deletion of files on Windows Vista. The files after deletion get stored in the Recycle Bin, unless deletion is performed using methods whereby the files bypass the Recycle Bin. A situation may arise wherein we want to recover a file that we deleted, but it is not present in the Recycle Bin. In such circumstances it is highly recommended that you make use of a good file recovery software to recover the deleted files. Data Recovery Program is a powerful recovery tool that makes use of its in-built scanning technology for efficient location and file recovery from external HDD, flash drive, memory card, etc on Windows Vista operting system.



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